Meet my new friend!

We probably all know those quotes about finding a soulmate, a best friend.. well then, let me introduce you to my newest and best friend in the world! I found this brunette at school, and since our first met we are inseparable 👭

It’s very special to meet someone to look up to, see her as your sister, best friend, buddy, school friend, etc. she fills me up where I need and the other way around.

We spend most weeks since we’ve got to know each other ( end of April) together, like now. We are spending already 5 nights in a row at her place. It’s unique to have a best friend who understands you in everything, ends sentences that you don’t even have to finish, knows exactly what you need and gives you so much love… okay this sounds like a love letter, don’t get me wrong, but this whole situation is so not normal, haha! Usually it takes you so much longer before you feel comletley yourself at someone. Most of the times years.

so Daphne aka, daf, aka, gluten free fried fish, love you to bits and lets go through our bucketlist book! 🎉💛


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