One week vacay 


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When I saw my last post when I logged in I was a bit surprised.
End of January, that’s a pretty long time ago.
What a day what a day.
We passed half of our first year at school and I’m thankful that so far I’ve passed all the tests and assignments. I’m quite proud of myself to be honest.
Never expected that I would be able to do HBO.
I remember that my teacher from my last school said to me during a progress call that he was always looking forward to it to talk to me, cause he could level with me during our chats.
He said that my niveau of talking was more HBO likely than MBO. That was a big compliment for me. He even said that he were gonna miss our chats and that he appreciated it so much that I always asked back if everything was okay with him too.

I didn’t do that to get in a better daylight or to get higher scores for my test (apart from coaching he was also my teacher for some classes), but because I truly liked him and he always helped me when I was struggling with something, school- or private related.

So yeah, back to the last weeks.
Last week I’ve had vacation. A-MAY-ZING.
Really enjoyed my vacay and did loads of nice stuff. Hanging out with friends, clubbing, to the movies, zoo, etc. the pictures from the zoo will follow, cause my friend made a lot with his camera that he got for his birthday recently. as you can see, I have wine in my hand in literally ALL the pictures, haha! And it’s not a lie, I’ve been drinking so much wine.. oops! only the last picture with the kiss, where I thank the vacay for his awesome days, is sober. hahaha

I could tell so much more but unfortunately I have to get back to my homework.
I didn’t do ANYTHING for school during the vacation so that means that I have to work a bit harder now to keep up with all the curriculum. 😉

One thing I have to tell you before I finish:
Cristina and Julia, my two dear friends from Malta, who almost feel like sisters, both left the first two days of March to live in Australia.
I’m so jealous, haha! I miss them a lot.
Wish I could live with them and just leave the Netherlands for what it is.
I’m not sure if I want to live abroad for forever, but what I do know is that I miss Malta and the whole idea of living somewhere where no one knows you gives me butterflies.
It’s so nice to be on your own and not in depended on anyone.
I wish them both the best of luck there and I really hope that I can visit them one day..

Bye for now. xx 🙂






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