One year ago… my Malta adventure started!



That’s the first thing that popped up in my mind when I saw the date today.

Unbelievable. Seriously unbelievable how fast time flies.
I miss Malta so much. I have to admit that I think almost every day about Malta.
Somehow, it feels like I left home there, even tho I missed this home too..
Wish I could separate myself in two to live there and here at the same time.

I wrote a post on facebook and I’m SO happy with all the reactions… It’s so super sweet. It makes me miss Malta even more. Can’t wait for the day that I can go back again for a while. or even for a week would be amazing.

So here some more pictures of my amazing memories there.
Malta, Inhobbok, Missing you HAFNA.



3 thoughts on “One year ago… my Malta adventure started!

  1. I’m so so thankful you did it and came to Malta and booked the same crazy appartment with me, I will never forget that afternoon when I opened the door and you were there!!!
    Miss you sis from another miss 😉 :-*

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