My first wintersport in Austria

Been a while since my last update, but as usual is school asking a lot of time. Specially this month. This black was for sure a lot more difficult compared to the first one. That’s why I couldn’t join my dad an Brother on wintersport, Cause the days were exactly planned two days before my exams. But with a lot of stress, working harder than Anyone else and dicipline, I made it to join them. They left on Friday, very early in the morning. By car. And I left Holland the day after, by airplane. 🙌🏼 a one and a half hour flight, instead of a drive from at least nine hours. 

Today we have our last day here. I’ve tried skiing on Saturday but it turned out in a hell of a day. I was so scared, twisted my knee in a very weird way and now I’m studying with an injury on the balcony in the sun mainly. Not a big problem for me cause I had to study anyways, exams are almost here, but still not what I planned. I want to try skiing next year again for sure. I want to overcome my fear. But for now the fun is over cause of my knee.. 

oh well, I’m still very happy that I’ve had the possibility to come over, see beautiful Austria, cause damn, what an amazing view, mountains and weather they have. 😍 studying in the sun and getting a tan at the same time is better than studying in Amersfoort in my small room 😉 



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