Christmas 2016

It’s Christmas 🙂

I’ve been looking forward to this since weeks! Some quality time with my family. ❤️ on Christmas Eve we went to the church,  where we had a lovely worship. The next morning we had our usual Christmas breakfast. After we went for our Sunday walk.  In the afternoon my brother and his girlfriend arrived. In the evening we had our Christmas dinner with family. It was seriously amazing and I forgot to make more pictures of the food cause I was too busy with eating haha. It was our first Christmas without our granddad who died in May. I missed him a lot and it was heartbreaking to see my mother crying while we were on our way to my family. But we made a special place on the table next to the big table with his picture on it. So he was still with us, kind of. 😉❤️ the next morning we had our second Christmas dinner including my brother and his gf. They left after and I’ve been going for a walk with my dad and the dog that we did yesterday too. I’ve spended the rest of the day on the couch with my mom watching our favorite movies, called serendipity (my moms favorite Christmas movie) and Pearl Harbor. My number #1! 

In the evening we had another lovely Christmas dinner with more wine and watched a serie. I’m so lazy! But I’ve had a great and very cozy Christmas. Exactly how I want it🎄🎅🏼🎊🌹


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