I don’t have enough time

Amai, the days are too short to complete all the things I have in mind.
Like updating my blog. haha. It’s the first thing what I delete from my to do list when I don’t have enough time.
Simply cause my homework and talking to my friends are more important.
But now I really want to write a small update about the last weeks.
Last weekend we’ve had family-weekend in Winterswijk like last year.
It’s funny to see the pictures from last year compared to now. It’s like the pictures from last year are taken two or three months ago.
It was so nice to see my family again. The last time I saw all of them was during our summer BBQ.
We gave each other nice presents for Santa-Claus. That’s what we always celebrate when we have family-weekend in December. This was the ninth year in a row that we celebrated it there.
The family is getting bigger tho. My oldest cousins and one younger cousin got boyfriends/girlfriend. Nice to meet new people and to see the love between them. haha. so cute….
So speaking about relationships…. hahaha..
I met this guy, Tom, and he is very nice. we’ve been dating two times now and I think I really do like him. Tomorrow we have our third date and I’m really looking forward to it. 🙂
Christmas will be around the corner soon, and I can’t wait to be with my family during those days. It’s nice to live on my own here in Amersfoort, but with these typical family days I absolutely don’t want to be here. haha
So that’s it for now. Time to continue with my schoolwork… haha.. story of my life!


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