A new place to call ‘home’

I’ve had some days off after a very hectic 7 weeks. 7 weeks where so many things happened, not only for myself, but even for persons who are very important for me.
So those days off were more than welcome.
And in those days, something great happened.
One of my friends, who lives in Amersfoort, moved in to her BF’s apartment.
That means that her room is empty. I can use it whenever I want, and this city is closer to Utrecht, the city where I study. This gonna help me so much and will cost me less travel time, what’s seriously amazing. The traveling costs so much energy.
The room will still be hers, I don’t have to pay anything, except my own food ofc.
She needs the room as back up and she is more than happy to have someone in her room, so she doesn’t pay every month for ‘nothing’.  I’m so thankful!

I will make pictures from the room asap and post them on my blog.
Today we made an extra set of keys, so I can move in whenever I want. 🙂
I will bring my first stuff to the room tomorrow afternoon.
Looking forward to it and I have some ideas to make the room more cozy!
Will make before and after pictures…. 🙂

Today I started with a new block at school, Block B, what’s all about ‘living’.
I’m quite nervous for this blog, since a lot of teachers tells us that it’s a difficult subject.
But I’m ready for it and will do my best ofc. 🙂

Anyways, goodnight for now and talk to u later!


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