Autumn is here

It’s been a while since my last post…
When I checked my online diary, I saw that my last post was about the party from my aunt and uncle.
That’s one hand a half month ago, haha. I’ve been so busy with school (still) that I barely have time to add some pictures and a small update about what I’m doing these days.
But now I can write something, finally.
School is going fine. I enjoy it a lot and even tho I have to wake up every day damn early, I don’t regret it at all.
I have to admit that I miss Malta a lot the last days.
I miss my Maltese friends, my flatmates and the sun and sea…
Two days ago I hand in my assignment for the first block. I worked soooo hard on it. and I’m quite satisfied with the results! In three weeks I will receive the rating, and I’m so curious.
The pictures above are made in the last weeks.
I had some nice parties and weekends as well, but I can’t find good pictures or even the pictures in general anymore. haha.
This Monday I will have my first exam and I have to study so much… 😦
So this was the small update, now I have to get back to workyyyy. acting like a nerd and shit :p



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