First week survived

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Sooooooo… that was the first week.
I don’t know where to start, haha.
Sooo much impressions, ideas, conversations, questions…
My God.
Okay so let’s start with the first day.
The first day was fine. I have a lot of young people in my class.
Not a big problem at all, but I expected a bit older persons in my class to be honest.
Most of them come straight from high school.
So the traveling is not so easy. I have to wake up at 5:30 almost every morning. Pretty early if you ask me. In the first day the teacher gave us a big assignment already about events, what needs to be done after seven weeks. One block (this is block A) is seven weeks, and we have 4 blocks in total with one extra in case you need to resit some tests.
We need to read SOOOO much. Unbelievable. I actually don’t even have time to update my blog. haha
Luckily I really like the study. It’s so interesting!! So it’s not very hard to stay motivated. (it’s even the fist week and I’m already talking about motivation, oh shit… haha)
I wasn’t even able to train. I only did a short workout Wednesday morning. And that was at 7am cause I didn’t had more time. can you imagine? haha
So yeah, hectic, but fun! Yesterday afternoon I had lunch with Claudia. First time I saw here after her visit in Malta. Was so happy to see her! ❤
I studied this week A LOT apart from the classes in school.
I’m still not completely done so I’m gonna go back to work now. C U. XX


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