MPD in Dronten!









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I’ve spend the weekend in Dronten after 10.00000 lightyears, haha!
It was so nice to see everyone again!
And all the Dronten guys who came to Malta to!
The MPD is a three day during festival in Dronten.
It’s kind of tradition for the Dronten people and it’s every year.
This was my third time if I’m not mistaking.
I slept over at Bas and Sjon their new place.
A lot of fun. The second night we had a big BBQ at their place (cause they had they’re housewarming that Saturday too) and after that we went to the last MPD night.
A lot of fun and singing, dancing, chatting and drinking. haha… specially drinking. The first night ended up in a disaster for me. I became very very drunk and ended up in bed with a basket next to my bed. ooops…. :s
So the last night I only drunk water and 0,0 beer. haha!!
But still had a lot of fun with everyone.
Was an amazing weekend!


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