Flying back home…..









One of the hardest days of my life so far…
I never thought that it would be SO HARD for me to say goodbye to everyone.
Specially in the airplane I had a really difficult time.
Thank God Carole was next to me and cuddled me A LOT.
Our flight was so early! at 6:35…
The sunrise was amazing and I get goosebumps when I think back about it..
It was magical. Last night was amazing. So many people were there to say goodbye. I feel so blessed!! I made new friendships who will last very long. I’m very sure.
Quelin, his whole friendgroup who became good friends of me too, Cristina, my flatmates, the parents of Thor and Thor himself ofc, Linn from the box, people from the shop….
I will never forget them and they will remain in my memories forever!!!
It was so good to see my parents again at the airport.
We went straight to my grandparents from my fathers side to say hi.
After that we went home and I cuddled my little brother big time.
Time to settle and prepare myself for school and my study. College… I’m excited and nervous for it at the same time!!
For now GN, I’m exhausted…..




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