Active day













Cris, Carol and I had so much fun that we decided to spend this day together as well. and it was AMAZING.
First, Carol and I went for a walk to my favorite icecream place to get an icecream and enjoying the sun a bit on the seafront.
After that, Cri picked us up to go to Mdina so we could show Carole the nice and old city.
When we were done with the tour, we decided to go to Goldenbay to watch the sunset.
Unfortunately the view was blocked cause of the rocks, but we enjoyed it anyways. While we were there we became hungry and decided to stay there for dinner.
After dinner we were up for some adventure, so we went to the radison blue hotel, on top of the rocks of golden bay. We went next to the swimmingpool and actually IN the building. Cri worked there so in case if someone would ask us something, Cri could help us out. 😉
The view from there was amazing. It’s a great hotel.
We had a small tour from Cri and after that we drove home.
Another lovely day…



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