Our own private sunbathing place



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Today was PURF.
We wanted to go to slugs bay, and it took us soooo long to get there..
And when we were almost there, the busdriver told us that he couldn´t go further than this bay…
So we ended up here.
A very nice place where I never been before.
We´ve spend the whole day here and a bit further up was a restaurant where we sat down and had some snacks when we were hungry.
So relaxed and nice!
The only sad thing is that at the end of the day, when we had left the towels at this place to grab some drinks (THANK GOD WE BROUGHT THE OTHER THINGS WITH US) someone stole our towels. -,-
So that was a quite stupid ending. At least we didn’t had to carry the wet towels with us on our way back. :p Didn’t planned to bring these back with me to the Netherlands anyways so it doesn’t really matter. Just the fact that someone takes something what doesn’t belong to him/her makes me angry.
But we absolutely did not let that ruin our lovely day!!!


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