Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Starting to feeling a bit better day by day.
I didn’t felt good enough to go clubbing with the guys last night.
They’re spending half of the day in bed, so I decided to join Robert to visit his new house.
Well… new…. He has to do A LOT before you can call it a home, cause it’s need to renovated completely.
He showed me the map of the place and where all the rooms and kitchen, bathroom etc. will be.
The plan sounds amazing and if everything goes like plan, I can come to sleep over for two weeks next year in summer. That would be amazing!!
After that we picked up his boyfriend and we went to Paradise Bay for a nice swim.
When we saw the kayaks in the water, we decided to book two of them and went kayaking and snorkling next to the rocks further up in the sea. It was beautiful and amazing.
Really enjoyed that day and I barely felt my sickness anymore. Seawater, friends and sun are probably the best remedies 😉



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