Ryan’s Bithday Bash

Last night I had a birthday from one of my friends. Ryan became 22 years old. My own birthday was a few days ago on the 13th of July. It was a very easy and relaxed b’day. Went out with some friends and celebrated it on the beach at 00:00. During the day I didn’t do so much. Snorkeld with my flatmate Julia but not for too long cause they’re were jelly fishys haha!! Plus she had her afternoon shift at work. 

Last night was fun. We had karaoke as well. But now I’m sick in bed. All day long… Since Claudia was here I’ve had pain in my throat but after a few days it was less. And now since last night after karaoke when I came into bed, it was unbearable!! The pain was so intense that I even cried. I woke up four hours later (it was 6:30ish) and I was panicking cause I could barely handle the pain… 

So I woke up Julia, while I was crying, and she checked immediately if we could visit her favorite doctor. The Internet said from 10 – 12 so we had to wait two hours. 

The doctor was very nice. Gave me a lot of medicines and tips what to do. 

Now I’ve been in bed all day long and I’m already sick of it. It’s so so so boring!! 

I’m gonna try to sleep early now. The six guys/friends from Dronten (the Netherlands) will arrive tomorrow! Can’t wait to see them all finally…. Night night. Xx 


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