My condition is terrible. Yes I train very regularly but it’s only strength and interval training. I decided to do more cardio. But woahhhhhh I had no idea that my condition is this bad… After 2,2 km i was already exhausted. Haha. Even tho my flatmate and I think that my tracker is not working properly since she is sure that it’s further than 2.2 km. I really need to do this more often and I’m sure that after a few weeks I will be able to run around the 5km like a did a few years ago. Cause of these stupid shinsplins.

At least I enjoyed it pretty much 🙂 the view is so amazing here…. It’s a pleasure to walk around when the sun comes up. And even when it goes down.. and when it’s night time. Actually it doesn’t matter what time it is.. It’s a lovely place to live.
I ❤️ Malta !


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