Relaxing days on the rocks with Julia 

WHAT a week. In my previous post I told about the short nights. Well it’s still topical.
But I really enjoy them. Can’t exactly tell what the reason is here, but I know that when I will red my blogposts back and I read this, I don’t even need 1 second to think about what I mean.

So I wake up quite late everyday, go to the rocks and hang out with my flatmate Julia.
We had breakfast at Il-Gabana yesterday. yummm.

In the mean time I’m preparing myself for my b’day.
I’m not sure what I’m gonna do. Stay here to celebrate or go back to my own country to celebrate it with my family and Dutch friends.
I think I’m gonna book a ticket back home, and celebrate it there. When I come back to Malta I will do another small b’day party.

Next to that… I realize that my birthday is in July. and July, is the last month that I will be here in Malta.
It’s seriously UNBELIEVABLE how fast the time goes. I’m here for four months already and it looks like 3 weeks! I can’t believe it.

Soon I have to prepare myself for my school. A new and very important chapter in my life.
I have to find a room. I think I will stay in my hometown. My ex his sister will move out cause she’s looking for a house with her bf, so she asked me if I wanted to take over her room.
I would love to, since it’s a very big room, a great location (in the center of Zwolle) and very cheap.
So hopefully I can move in by the end of the summer.

We will see what the future brings!


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