The Flying Dutch Amsterdam

flying dutch

marja en anne-loes

Just finished an AMAZING weekend!
I flew from Malta to Germany, where M was there to pick me up.
We drove straight to Amsterdam for the festival; the flying Dutch.
It’s one of the biggest and most popular festivals in the Netherlands.
There are 3 locations, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven.
10 of the best Dutch DJ’s perform at each location for one hour and fly by chopper to the next location.
It was super cool to see the biggest DJ’s in real life…! Like Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren, Afro Jack, Tiësto and others.
Unfortunately I can’t upload video’s. 😦
At the end, as a surprise, Marco Borsato came on stage with his song “rood”.
The vibe from the crowd and the whole atmosphere was so nice. Really enjoyed it!
We stayed in hotel Bilderberg, 1500 m away from the Olympic Stadium of Amsterdam where the festival was.
We had a delicious breakfast the next morning while our feet were still hurting from the night before. haha!

I will fly back “home” tomorrow.
First to Germany. Will stay in a hotel very close to the airport cause my flight is quite early in the morning.
An unforgettable weekend. ❤



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