Healthy icecream

Perfect summer treat who’s also guilt free! 🌞

The first picture is a healthy version of the Ben&Jerry’s “chunky monkey”, my favorite one from the Ben&Jerry’s flavors.

You need:

  • 2 banana’s
  • A bit of plantbased milk (optional; with the blender I don’t use any but with the food processor just a little bit to make it smooth)
  • Walnuts
  • Dark chocolate (75% cacao or higher) 

How to make:

  • Cut the banana’s in slices and put them in a freezer prove box for minimal 3 hours. 
  • Remove from freezer and put in a blender or food prossessor. If you use the last one than add some plantbased milk.
  • Blend till it has the consistency of icecream. Because it’s all natural I recommend to eat it ASAP cause it melts much faster than normal icecream. 
  • Add some crunched walnuts and pieces of dark chocolate. 

Enjoy! 🙂

For the second one you need Popsicle molds.

With this one (and even the one above) you can variate as much as you want. 🙂 

Some examples:

  • Fresh squeezed oranges with soya milk. (Taste like a split!)
  • Banana’s blended with chocolate chips or cacao powder 
  • Kiwi and honey with plantbased milk
  • Raspberry or Forrest fruit with yogurt and honey 
  • Yoghurt and honey
  • Blended peaches with plantbased milk
  • Coconut water and any kind of fruit you like
  • Mango and coconut milk (really like this one!!)

Jummmmmmm. 😉


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