Barcelona -> Malta

Aaaarg, I barely wrote the last weeks 😦 such a shame cause I had plenty things to post. But maybe I can do some throw back posts the next few days 🙂

Barcelona was amazing. I’ve had such a wonderful time with my family! We enjoyed the view, beach, city and ofcourse all the amazing food!

In the next post I will place a few pictures from sagrada Di familia, a very famous church in Barcelona.

I used the camera that I normally use for my pictures too, but I forgot to bring my laptop with me to barca so I don’t have a laptop with me here atm since I flew from barca straight to Malta. My father could track me with his app. Cool! 🙂

So the last two weeks in the Netherlands and Barcelona were very nice.

Next week I will fly back to the Netherlands to pick up my laptop and to visit Netherlands best festival ever! The flying Dutch. Together with Marja ❤️ I can’t wait! It’s gonna be so awesome 😍

Yesterday I arrived in Malta and it’s so nice to see one of my flatmates again. The other one went to Tunisia for work so unfortunately I will see her in one and a half week. 😦

We went to mint this afternoon for a lunch and after that we sunbathed on the rocks and catched up with all the things we did the last weeks. Was so much fun!


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