Holland -> Barcelona


Last thursday we left our house for a one week vacation in Barcelona with my parents and siblings. Unfortunately I forgot my laptop!! 😦
So now a quick update with a left over picture from malta. haha. ^^

The flight to Barcelona went different than we expected…
We had 4 hours delay in total. Two in the airplane and when we arrived we had trouble with the car we hired from a company cause my father booked the car on a different airport in Barcelona. oooops.
So instead of being in our apartment around 9/half past 9 in the morning, we arrived in the afternoon.
We woke up at 2:30am so everyone was pretty tired when we moved in our apartment.
We went to the swimmingpool and relaxed a bit.

Yesterday we went to the beach! The beach is 100 meters away so we we’re there in less than 10 min! amazing 😀

Today will be another beach day, and tomorrow we’re gonna visit la sagrada familia.
Looking forward to it! 🙂





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