Malta —> Holland

IMG_0950And then you get awful news…
My mom called me two days ago, early in the morning while I was giving class at the box.
She told me that her father died that morning.
It was so shocking to hear her so upset. I felt terrible and so mean for hanging up quickly cause the class was waiting for me. Luckily she understood and I called her later.
The same day I booked a flight to Holland. It’s so important to be with your family in times like these..
It was such an emotional and strange day. You’re very happy to see everyone a bit earlier than planned, but at the same time very sad cause of grandpa.
He had health issues for a long time, but that it would happen so unexpected……… 😦

He was such an amazing man. ❤ I’m gonna miss him A LOT.
So now I will spend one week in the Netherlands and go to Barcelona from here instead of Malta. It’s easier plus even better to fly with my family instead of alone.

The funeral will be on Saturday. It makes me feel super sad when I think about that..
Hopefully my mom, grandmother and her brothers will feel better soon..


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