First company arrived!









Looooong time ago since my last blogpost.
Happened a lot of things which I need to focus on so that got the first priority.
1 and a half week ago, my first company arrived. Thirsa and Michiel.
It was such a nice and fun week. Michiel two wednesdays ago, and stayed till saturday. from saturday Thirsa stayed here and they left together last wednesday.
We didn’t do a lot of special things. Just enjoying each others company and a lot of hugging and kissing an more hugging. 😉 Sooo nice to have something safe and familiar around you!
We didn’t took a lot of pictures. More selfies and pictures of food ofcourse, haha!

So here are some snapshots from that week.
One day we went to the golden bay with the three of us. That was such a nice day. After the beach day we had dinner somehwere close to my house.
the last night we had some drinks with the friends where Michiel stayed for the last four days.

Apart from that I’m doing fine. Unfortunately I lost my job, since they hired someone for the week that I was on holiday with Thirsa and Michiel, and they want to keep her for the last weeks until they leave cause she is a nurse. The boy is sick since many months and he’s getting a lot of medication now unfortunately 😦 So I understand their decision, but it’s sad that I have to say goodbye earlier. Plus now I have to search for another job pretty quick.

Anyways, apart from that I still really enjoy my time here in Malta!


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