Selmun bay

IMG_9694 (2)

IMG_9695 (2)

IMG_9696 (2)

IMG_9698 (2)

Yesterday uncle Charlie and I went for a long walk at the North side of Malta. The place is called Selmun.
It was a pretty heavy walk with lots of rocks, stones, and even mud!
But we had a very good time. The view on the top of the rocks was amazing. He took me to a very small and quiet beach. It was so peaceful… The water is sooo clear. I could even see the fishes swimming. After the walk (I think we walked for maybe 1,5 hour, but it’s much harder since it’s not a flat way) we went to his place. I could take a shower and in the mean time Charlie made me a pizza with salami and more stuff on it. We ate our pizza at the telly and had ice cream and snacks after. Plus a lot of wine. ^^ What a good day it was!! ❤


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