Sad and stressful weekend…



So this weekend went a bit different than planned unfortunately..
I went shopping last Saturday with my flatmate Clemence.
We had a lot of fun and the day was very nice, till the evening.
When I wanted to go out with friends and I was looking for my wallet in my bag, I couldn’t find it..
Jup, I lost it. Or it’s stolen. I have no idea. But what I do know for sure is that it’s not here in the apartment.
I went to the point this morning, the shopping centre where we were Saturday.
But no success. Not one store found something. Yesterday I felt so useless that I couldn’t do anything so I went to the police station where they made an rapport.
Today I picked it up and went to the Dutch Embassy to explain what happened and what to do now. I lost everything, my driving license, Bank card, Id card, a lot of cash and all my other passes.
So yeah, I have a pretty big problem.
I hope that the wallet will be found by  a good person who will it bring to the police, the more minutes pass the less faith I have in it that it will return..

Sad me. bluhhhh…
Hopefully there will happen something good this week to forget this a little bit..


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