Amazing weekend !

What a lovely weekend! This was my second weekend here and I enjoyed it for the fullest.
Feels like I’ve never left Malta…
Been sunbathing with Clemence the whole day after another apartment visit. We still haven’t found THE perfect apartment for the three of us. But we keep searching! I’m officially a tomatoe head after today, Haha 😅

Yesterday I went with my friends to the Radison Blue hotel at Golden bay where two friends from the group stayed for the weekend. It’s a very big and fancy hotel with swimming pool, sauna’s, Jacuzzi’s and everything. We weren’t allowed to come in, but we managed and we had so much fun! Que got a Gopro and we filmed a lot of entering the building, so funny. Can’t wait to see all the video’s at the end of the summer.

The view there at golden bay is amazing … I have a video for you guys! 💛🎉

Hahaha, gosh what a day. In the evening I went to the girls night out party with all the girls from the box. We had a lot of prosecco and healthy treats what tasted soooo good.  🍾🍷

My snapchat: snoemiemulder

girls night out crossfit sliema

And after that we went to the center of Sliema for dinner at. L’Artist. I had the seafood platter and it was AMAZING. 😍
I’m ready for a new week! 🎉👊🏼


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