Malta ❤️




Better late than never but I’m back on the rocks! 😍 One week ago I just woke up in this new bed, with new people around me and completely… Alone.. 😅 Very special feeling to live towards this moment for many weeks and now it’s finally there. Living in Malta…..

so my first week was fun, hectic and crazy. Met my friends from social media, all very cool peeps, and in the apartment where I live happened a lot. Positive and negative things. About the negative one: I’m gonna leave at the end of this month to another place probably. Don’t want to tell everything in details but crazy shit happened here. Something about relationships, couples, fights and a fcked up atmosphere.

So now I have to look for another place and I hope that I can find something before the month April begins. One of my house mates, the nice one, is Julie. She’s gonna move out at the end of the month as well and we’re gonna try to find a place together, plus another friend of Julie. Never met her but she will come in a couple of minutes for breakfast. 🙂

The weather is so so since I’m here. Most of the time it’s sunny but there are also moments of rain and windy afternoons. But I can’t complain if I see what the weather in Holland is… Haha

Gotta go! Julie and her friend are here 🙂


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