Happy B’day dad!

Dad and me in Malta 

kleine papa.JPG
Little daddy ❤

FullSizeRender (1).jpg
My father and me in France last summer (I want summer even more than usual when I see this pic!)

Congratulations to my daddy!! He became 50 years old today! Abraham…
Had a nice day. Started with making the birthday man breakfast. Breakfast in bed to be precise. That’s a standard thing here. haha.
After that I went to the gym for a full body workout, took a sauna, ice bath, hot shower and went home straight after that. Changed clothes for a lunch at my grandparents place. Very cozy and nice. My uncle and aunt (brother and sister from my dad) came as well! Really nice surprise 🙂
Now I’m back home. Its time for dinner. We’re gonna get some takeaway from the toko bali. Indonesian food is so delicious!
Two days left until we’re leaving our city for a weekend somewhere else in Holland to spend three days with the family. Can’t wait! Family time is what I miss since my brother lives abroad.. Gonna be a lovely weekend!


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