Happy new year!!

Went to Parisa to celebrate NYE.
It was so much fun!! First we did our make-up and drunk wine, after that we went downstairs, watched TV with her family while eating toasts and chips and drinking more wine. Than we wished each other a lovely new year and after that we went to the soos. It’s a basement in the church where we met all our friends and partied till 6 am in the morning!
Thank you Dronten for the unforgettable new year! let’s see what 2016 will bring us. 😀

Today I’m starting a small new chapter. I stopped with crossfit one month ago. Was difficult, but the only option. Cause of my different work hours, it was difficult to find the time to go to the box. The opening hours are too limited for me unfortunately. 😦 So I’m gonna sign up at Fitland today. A fitness school with a box on the highest floor (Couldn’t be happier) and everything else what I like to do. My dad trains there as well so from now on we can go train together. How cool!!

Have a great week everyone, and wish you all the best in 2016!


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