Snapshots #5 & Malta

Fall in the street close to our house. LOVE all the colors during this season…!

quark with banana slices and home made granola <3_<3 so tasty! you can find the recipe on the page food & recipes

Coffee break! Home made cappuccino with home made banana muffins. (you can find the recipe by food and recipes on the blog!)

Mini cooper in our neighborhood. Loveee these small cars.

Our daily routine after a boring workday. Netflix or skype with family and friends while sipping on our cappuccino’s 🙂

Evening stroll in Mdina, a small and very old city in Malta

Scrolled through my pictures and found more snapshots from the past time. 🙂 The last two pictures were in Malta. made with my Iphone btw..
oh Malta…. Miss it e v e r y d a y. Spoke to a good friend yesterday. I’ve met her in Malta in the local crossfit box. (more info about the crossfit box in Sliema, Malta, click HERE.) Her name is Veronika. She came with the great idea to visit Malta together next summer. a small vacation! Love it! So we’re gonna fill our piggy banks together and plan a week or two. I seriously can’t wait! The ultimate vacation feeling for us is eating great food, tanning the whole afternoon after a killer morning-crossfit workout. PERFECT. and of course.. dancing in Paceville. the clubs and music is so much fun there!


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