Sweet potatoes and shrimp bowl


A lovely autumn dinner!

you need:
1 bag shrimps (500 gram, frozen, thawed)
1 lemon
1 orange
3 tbsp olive oil
1 small zucchini
1 clove garlic (finely chopped)
1 sprig rosemary

How to prepare:

Start with cooking the sweet potatoes until you can stick a fork in it. Don’t let them become too soft.
Sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon over the potatoes and set aside. (cover the bowl)
Dry the shrimps carefully with a piece of kitchen paper. Make sure that they’re not ice cold anymore.
Squeeze the lemon and the orange in a bowl and add the olive oil and the chopped garlic.
Chop the rosemary needles and add to the bowl. Stir everything together and add the shrimps to the bowl.
Add pepper and salt and leave it covered with silver foil for 30 min in the fridge to marinate.
In the meantime: Chop the sweet potatoes in small cubes and cut the zucchini in small cubes too.
Put the shrimps out of the fridge and bake in a wok pan until they’re cooked. Add the chopped zucchini. Wait three minutes until the zucchini is cooked. Add the sweet potatoes and warm them 1 minute with the other ingredients. Place on a deep platter and serve immediately with some rosemary leaves on top. I used a deep platter so you can add some of the delicious juice where the shrimps been cooked in. It’s a very nice dressing!



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