‘Pepernoten’ store in Haarlem






My mom and I went to Haarlem yesterday for the sample sale at Kuyichi.
For more info about Kuyichi, you can click here.
I really like this brand. The jeans from Kuyichi look amazing. My brother have worked for them, and right now my brothers girlfriend is doing her internship at Kuyichi. I came back home with two bags full of clothes.
Super happy with everything and I will try to shoot some of the clothes soon.

After the sample sale we went to the center of Haarlem. My mom and I had luch at XO, and after we walked through the small streets and over the market. While we were walking, my eyes discovered this cute little store with SOOOOO many pepernoten! In English they say ‘cinnamon cookies.’
‘Pepernoten’ are my biggest weakness.. I seriously could eat a whole bag every day. so when I walked in, the guy behind the desk said: “Oh God, she must love cinnamon cookies, look at her face! Her mouth is wide open!” hahaha.
Haha, It really was… I was really surprised by all the colors and flavours.
The man told us that there is also a ‘van Delft cookie store’ in my city after I told him that I was a bit sad that these stores are only in the biggest cities in Holland. That made my day! so I left the store with two flavours, knowing that there’s more to come after finishing these two; cappuccino and tiramisu.
When you’re visiting Holland during winter, you have to go to this store. I guarantee: You will love it!


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